Cultural Relevance of Community Treatment Orders (CTOs)

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Despite technological advancement in the treatment of the mentally ill, research shows that cultural competence or the knowledge base for working with people of different cultures is still lacking. According to Dean (2001), the claim of being knowledgeable of all cultures is becoming a harder task. In this paper, the author attempts to explore the importance of employing cultural competence in outpatient mental health treatment referred to as Community Treatment Orders (CTOs). CTOs or mandated outpatient (involuntary) community-based (outpatient) treatment are described as the provision of mental health treatment for the severely/persistently mentally ill in an outpatient setting with the support of service providers, which include physicians, case managers, and in some cases, care providers, with a legal backing (Torrey & Zdanowicz, 2001).

Keywords: Cultural Competence, Community Treatment Orders (CTOs), Outpatient Mental Health Treatment
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Magnus Mfoafo-M'Carthy

Coordinator, Community Mental Health Services; Doctoral Candidate, Community Mental Health Services Coordination, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Magnus is a doctoral candidate in social work at the Faculty of social work and collaborative program in Health Services and Policy Research at the University of Toronto, Canada. He has a masters degree in social work from Columbia University - New York. He is currently a coordinator with the CTO project at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. His areas of interests are community based mental health, clinical counseling and Global Health and HIV/AIDS.

Ref: I08P0842