Public Policy and Regulatory Framework Pertaining to Gambling in South Africa

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Gambling in South Africa has been legislated since 1996 although the incidence of illegal gambling had large proportions country wide at that stage. In the Western Cape alone the number of illegal gambling venues and machines exceeded the currently approved legal number of machines in the entire country. The practice of gambling facilities within the “then homelands” made gambling accessible for South Africans although seen as a “vice” or illegal practice within the boundaries of South Africa until it was formally legislated in 1996.
The legalized sector therefore provided a framework for the National Gambling board as well as the various provincial gambling boards to be established and to provide the regulatory framework for legalised gambling in the country. The author in this paper present the evaluation of the current integrated approach inclusive of the role players such as government, licence holders as well as academics, treatment providers, public health officials, public policy makers and consumers. addiction. Furthermore that a perspective that takes into account the uniqueness of South Africa is considered towards meeting the macro economic goals and national agenda targets of development.

Keywords: Gambling, Public Policy, Economic Empowerment, South Africa, National Agenda
Stream: Politics, Public Policy and Law
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Prof. Linda E de Vries

Project Leader, School of Business and Finance, University Western Cape
Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa

Academic, research and leader of a number of the regulatory boards in South Africa.She has over more than 25 years empowered and developed entrepreneurial and leadership skills amongst university students. In believing that in empowering others, they empower themselves they achieved national and world honours at the SIFE World Cup 2005. Many students started their own businesses and now advise her clients on corporate affairs. Linda was immediate past vice president of OSSREA- an African research association based in Addis Abba, Ethiopia and also chairperson of companies She is a corporate leader who shapes, transforms and direct the strategic direction of universities, national agendas as well as companies.

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