Television Advertisements in India and Sales of Select Television Brands

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The research attempts to study the advertisements of select television product brands shown on different regional television channels in India. It aims to study the Television advertisement expenses of leading brands for the period between 2002 to 2006. A correlation analysis is conducted between the extent of advertisements and stages in the Product Life Cycle (PLC). The primary data to be obtained and studied from consumers is to understand the influence of television purchase decision making. Today the television brands in India are spending millions to woo customers to buy different products in the television category. The customers are also informed about the various unique feature of a brand through the media. The purpose of this study is to find the impact of television advertisement in the customers purchase decision which includes the attractiveness of the advertisement, the brand ambassador used, and other factors. The study was conducted in Pune, a cosmopolitan city in India.

Keywords: Advertisement, Purchase Decision, Television, Consumer Behaviour, TVR (Television Viewership Ratings), Mass Media, Brand Ambassadors, Festive Discounts, Product Life Cycle(PLC)
Stream: Media and Communications
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Prof. Gnanasurian Manuel Jayaseelan

Lecturer, Marketing, Kohinoor Business School
Khandala, Maharashtra, India

I am working as a lecturer at Kohinoor Business School, Khandala. I completed my undergraduate in economics followed by my masters in business administration in marketing. I worked with a company called ETV, a regional television channel in India. My interest and passion for teaching made me take up teaching as my profession.

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