Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours towards the Environment among Primary School Students at Low Socio-Economic Levels

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The environmental education processes included in primary school period after kindergarten period have a determining role in shaping children’s perceptions about the environment they live in. Therefore, it is certainly true that only an effective environmental education programme can enable children, who will be adults in future, to know their natural environment meaningfully and correctly and to gain protective attitudes and behaviours. The fact that especially the children who have an education in the metropolitan city centres do not have opportunities to know their natural environment well enough through their own individual experiences increases the importance of the environmental education.
In this study, investigating the students’ knowledge levels, attitudes and behaviours about natural environment is aimed at to reveal their environmental education needs. Thus, a questionnaire form with four parts was prepared to reveal the subjects’ demographics, environmental knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours towards environment.In view of the increasing inequality of educational opportunities among the students with distinct socioeconomic levels, it can be suggested that the educational needs of the lower class are not met sufficiently in the field of the environmental education as in the general educational processes In this research, the 7th grade students of the primary education schools, affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, in the districts of the low socio-economic level were selected as the sample.
The data were collected through the aforementioned sampling for the questionnaire, which was developed by the researchers. The variable independent of gender was dealt with and its effect on the environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviours was analyzed with “t-test.” The test results indicated that there is no significant differences among environmental knowledge, attitudes,behaviours and gender of students in low socio economic level.

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours, Adolescents
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours towards the Environment among Primary School Students at Low Socio-Economic Levels

Yasemin Özkan

Associate Professor Doctor, Lecturer, Department of Social Work
Faculty of Health Science, University of Ankara

Ankara, Turkey

No:9 Aydınlıkevler Ankara 06130,2. Çiçekkent Konutları Papatya Caddesi Mimoza Sok. 48 Ada No:17 Türkkonut Çayyolu 2 Ankara Nationality: Turkish Date of birth :09.12.1969 Gender: Female EDUCATION and TRANING: 1994 - 2000, Ph.D.Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Department of Home Economics, Ph.D. Thesis Title: The Effect of Demographic Characteristics and Individual Attitudes of Consumers on Their Responsible Consumption Behaviours; Master Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Department of Home Economics, Masters Thesis Title: A Research on Interaction Between Location of Residence and Consumption Pattern; Language Education: University of Edinburgh, Institute for Applied Language Studies. WORK EXPERIENCE: 21.03.1991 – 16.11.2000: Research Asssistant
University of Ankara, Agriculture Faculty, School of Home Economics; 16.11.2000 Phd. Research Assistant, University of Ankara, School of Home Economics. She has gained name of the “Associated Profesor Doctor” about “Social Work” from onward 03.04.2006: 17.03.2008 :Lecturer (Assoc.Prof.Dr.) University of Ankara, Faculy of Health Sciences, Departmant of Social Work. RESEARCH TOPICS
Consumer, Consumer Education , Consumption and Environment, Waste and Environment, Values. She has some articles and books published, regarding Consumer Sciences and Environment.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Eda Purutcuoglu

Dr. Research Assistant, Department of Family and Consumer Science, School of Home Economics, University of Ankara, Turkey, University of Ankara
Ankara, Turkey

Eda Purutçuoğlu is a doctor in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Ankara University, Turkey. She graduated from Ms Programme at the same department with thesis titled as "The determination of consumer education needs of secondary-school students" in 2003. She studied in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences at Glasgow University, UK, as a visiting student for preparing her Ph.D seminar paper titled as "Materialism as a consumer value" with Dr. Gerda Reith and Dr. Bridget Fowler during two months (02-04,2005). She completed her Ph.D thesis titled as "Investigating the relationship between demographic characteristics and materialistic orientations of university students and their attitudes and behaviours towards environment" on March 2008. She received a scholarship from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and studied in the Department of Geography at Durham University, UK with Dr. Kathrin Hörschelmann on her thesis as a visitor staff during three months (12,2006-03,2007). Her research interests include consumer education, consumer behaviour, values, materialism and environmental issues.

Ref: I08P0875