Human Rights Programs Can Play an Important Role for the Prevention of Infectious and Contagious Diseases: A Measure of Human Security

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Every major human civilization underwent a process of transformation in which it felt the dignity of human beings at its heart. The contemporary world has tremendously become highly interdependent, connected and globalized. It is also undergoing a phase of noticeable changes toward the direction of health & security. These days, violence & infectious diseases are aggravated. So, human security is becoming the topic of attention & debate all over the Planet. Today a large number of people are obliged to live under the conditions of serious illness. WHO is trying to create the conditions of improved health & fitness of the people all over the world through the EPI. Efforts are made to combat violence and the threats of security. In fact, proper initiatives that have been taken to combat infectious diseases are more effective than armed combat for human security. In some countries, people are going under the threatening of infectious diseases i.e. HIV and the number of infected people is increasing at an alarming rate. And it is due to poverty, illiteracy, moral degradation, discrimination and indifference to rituals. For the last few years, some efforts were put to promote preparedness for the biomedical prevention of HIV i.e. drugs, vaccines, protective measures for sexual transmission etc. Making awareness to the street children and creating religious ideology towards the people may be considered as an alternative and effective measure for the prevention of transmission & pathogenesis of HIV. The role of social workers especially the human rights activists can be a breakthrough in this respect as 'human rights workers have a unanimous acceptance to the mass through their charitable services'.
Using this paradigm, the present research will envisage examining the effectiveness of the role of social workers, human rights activists and religious leaders in growing conscience, social responsibility and religious ideology to help people performing religious functioning and keeping away from some unexpected activities that cause the pathogenesis of HIV.

Keywords: Social Workers, Human Rights Activists, Religious Leaders, Conscience, Social Responsibility, Religious Ideology
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Mr. Murad Hossain

Director (Programs), Department of Social Services, NGO Bureau of Bangladesh
Dhaka, do, Bangladesh

I graduated from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, with Bachelor of Social Sciences and Master of Social Sciences in Social Welfare.I have been practicing as a social worker in a humaniterian organization since 2001. Now I am the program Director of the Bureau of Human Rights Bangladesh-BHRB. I have prented many research papers in national levels during this time. I was accepted and invited for the jiont conference of IFSW and IASSW 2000 Montreal, Quibec, Canada. And Autralian Association of School of Social Workers 2001. I have performed some research works with the UNICEF, World Vision, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am now 30 years old.

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