Using Technology in Counseling and Psychological Guidance

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The availability of computer applications in counseling and psychological guidance has increased in recent years. Using these applications is an exciting and controversial area of innovation. Many articles and books about using technology in counseling have stated that technological tools are increasingly being used in counseling services and will continue to be used. Some counselors have commonly been using computer technologies and distance learning environments to meet the guidance needs of counseling individuals. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using technology in counseling and psychological guidance. In this study using technology in counseling and psychological guidance is discussed using a theoretical approach.

Keywords: Counseling, Psychological Guidance, Technology, Computer Applications In Counseling
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences
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Dr. Nuray Tastan

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences
Educational Faculty, Kirikkale University

Kirikkale, Yahsihan, Turkey

Dr. Nuray Tastan Assistant Professor Kirikkale University Faculty of Education
(BA) Hacettepe University Department of Psychology Middle East Technical University English Preparatory Class (MA) Middle East Technical University Department of Psychology Social Psychology Program (PhD) Ankara University Institute for Educational Sciences Department of Educational Psychology Research Assistant Ankara University Faculty of Educational Sciences, Department of Educational Psychology Institution: Assistant Professor-Kirikkale University Faculty of Education Department of Educational Sciences (2005-contiuning) Working Interest: Communication, conflict resolution, marriage, adolescent development, child and adolescent employment

Ref: I08P0881