Crimongenic Needs of Violent Sex Offenders

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Semi structured indepth interviewing was conducted on Western Australian prisoners who had committed violent sex offences. Emerging themes include typical commonalities such as alcohol and drug abuse, dysfunctional childhoods and abuse, poor attachment, and for Indigenous participants, themes of colonisation trauma. In addition however was a common theme involving constant movement as a child which the participant continued into adulthood both geographically and with employment. I labelled this theme "When I feel comfortable, I feel uncomfortable". The theme relates to attachment and this cohorts' inability to form intimate relationships with others.when things seemed to be going well for them, they grew fearful and either quit jobs or left relationships, to at least retain control over their lives in a way they understood.

Keywords: Violent Sex Offenders, Criminogenic Needs of Offenders
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Criminogenic Needs of Violent Sex Offenders

Linda Maule

Manager, Offender Services
Offender Management Professional Development, Offender Services Women's Custodial

Perth, WA, Australia

In 1992 I completed my Bachelor of Social Work. I have worked for the Department of Corrective Services in Western Australia with both male and female offenders for over 16 years. I have worked in every prison in our state, which covers thousands of kilometres. Indigenous issues are significant with the Indigenous population vastly over-represented in our prisons. Whilst working full-time I have completed a Master of Social Work with the thesis subject on Exhibitionism and am currently completing my PhD on Violent Sex Offenders. After working mostly with males for the majority of my career, for the past coule of years I have worked with women's custodial and feel passionate about having the needs of weomen recognised in the male dominated custodial field. I keep myself sane by keeping fit and flying light aircraft. I am a Director of the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia which provides me with a good life balance.

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