Challenges between Landuse Determination with Environment in Mazandaran Province, Iran

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owadays, pollution of the environment is threatening the inhabitants of the world from various aspects. Industrial development, industrial technology and increasing use of machinery has made impression on the environmental situation at local, regional and national levels. Pollution of air, water and soil and its impactd on the connecting point of humanity and nature, especially on the human food regime and its bad effects on human life, are important problems that threaten human health.
Iran's Mazandaran province is strongly influenced by pollution. Its pollution makes an impression on native people directly and indirectly and on non-natives indirectly. Pollution of water and soil is more visible than other pollution and it is a warning for health of people who use its food resources like rice, oranges, vegetables, etc.
This research examines the causes of natural resource pollution with the assumption that landuse is the greatest cause of many kinds of pollution in the province. As a result the research provides some ideas for prevention and solution methods for probable dangers. In many instances, pollution of resources is the result of landuses decisions. The research uses a descriptive method (by direct observation, aerial photos, GIS and RS techniques, etc.) and strives for applied solutions.

Keywords: Landuse, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Heavy Elements, Food Resources Pollution, Mazandaran Province
Stream: Sociology, Geography
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Dr Daniel Foroughi

Gllobal Information Systems, Iran Oil Company
Behshahr, Mazandaran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I have B.Sc. (engineering) in natural resources (range & watershed management) and M.A. in natural geography, geomorphology and hydrology. I know GIS and RS well. I am searching about landforms and geohydrology and groundwater now.

Fatemeh Masoumi

Professor, Shiraz University
Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Born in Isfahan, M.A in natural geography geomorphlogy and hydrology, researching about ice caps in Iran...

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