Effect of Internet on Social Capital: A Survey in Kermanshah City in Iran

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Internet is a phenomenon that has many effects on the different social life aspects. Using the internet can be an enjoyable and important educational tool for people with different ages and personalities. Internet access is a vital part of the modern world and an important tool in the education of our children. It is present in schools, homes and even shopping malls. Mastering the use of the internet is likely to be an important skill for those entering the job markets of the future. An internet user can be anyone he or she wants to be in an online chat room, or play thrilling and challenging games against other players from all corners of the globe. With the click of a mouse, one can enter a different world where the problems of the real world are no longer present, and all the things one wishes he or she could be or experience are possible. It seems at present time (or near future) for many people relationships in the real world may be neglected as those in the virtual world increase in importance. Therefore to achieve more positive effects and limiting its shortcomings we need to evaluate different effects of this modern mass media on the human sociology life. Internet is provided a fast mode of transportation caused freedom from family bonds and mixing with different cultures and new communities. This research is an attempt to study effect of Internet on Social capital. For this purpose a survey technique on the sample size amounted 200 students of Payame Noor University of city of Kermanshah in country of Iran were considered. Degree of social capital is moderate. Extraction of the effects of internet via considering the effects of non-internet parameters, indicate that Internet effect on social capital is positive and significant.

Keywords: Social Capital, Internet, Trust, Participation, Kinds of Use of Internet Environment
Stream: Media and Communications
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Effect of Internet on Social Capital

Alimohammad Javadi

Instructor, Social Science Group, Payame Noor University (PNU)
Gilanegharb, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I am Alimohammad Javadi, I am an instructor of the Social Science Group of Payame Noor University (PNU), Iran .I holds a MS. in Social science (researching) from the University of Ferdowsi in Iran. I have published works on “Effect of the internet on family value”, “Why student want to Immigrant”, “study of the model of behavioral of internet users”. Accepted papers for publishing are :” Evaluation of Effect of the internet on family life values”, , “Impact of internet on taboos of marriage”, “Evaluation of degree and the effect of order in the family on violence against the children”. I am currently working on” globalization, identity and new media”, “ internet and subjects: family, democracy , identity, NGO, transmission of values, social capital” , “social problems”. Also I am Supervisor for following B. Sc. Thesis in Payame Noor University (PNU) and working researches about subjects of sociology and social problems.

Abbas Valipoor

Student, Payame Noor University (PNU)
Gilanegharb, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Maryam Javadi

Student, Department of Statistic, Payame Noor University (PNU)
Malayer, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

She is interest to Methodology and statistic in social science, and she has published works in field mass media and social problem.

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