Researching Art in a Children’s Hospital: Social Theory and Visual Arts Education

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The study used an interdisciplinary social science method to map the cultural production and responses to art in the hospital. The study employed the social theory of Bourdieu’s fields of cultural production and the aesthetic theory of Abbs. It also used the aesthetic theories of Beardsley, Eisner, and Csikszentmihalyi to map the aesthetic characteristics of the tiles and their health outcomes in relation to the hospital community. The study reflected on the value of the tiles as having a healing and distracting quality for parents and children alike through positive engagement with the tiles in touch, imagination, and playful games.

Keywords: Health, Social Theory, Aesthetics
Stream: Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences
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Lindsay Farrell

Head of School, School of Arts and Sciences, Australian Catholic University
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Dr Lindsay Farrell is the Head of the School of Arts and Sciences, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane, Australia. He researches the visual arts in health and community contexts with ground breaking work in a number of art-in-hospital projects.

Ref: I08P0096