Space Conceptualisation in the Context of Postmodernity: In search of a Cultural Logic

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The epoch of postmodernity is characterized by the dominance of spatial logic, the dominance of space over time. The concept of space is extended to include not only physical but also mental and social space as well. Social space is produced and repro-duced. This work shows that the examination of the notion of the fragmentation of the subject and the antinomy between space and time can contribute towards an alterna-tive framework within which to position spatial learning and the construction of meaning about space. Our analysis shows that the focus of our research should be shifted from the perpetual effort to resolve the ontological dilemma between substan-tival and relational space, to the study of forms of space representation.

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Presentation Type: Plenary Presentation in English
Paper: Space Conceptualisation in the Context of Postmodernity

Prof. Constantine D. Skordoulis

Department of Education, University of Athens


Ref: I08P0961